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Mr. K. R.Rathod (Rajput)

Managing Director.

He originally hails from Jamnagar and currently resides in Jamnagar. He is a farmer but possesses business acumen from childhood. He has an experience of 20-25 years in the field of marketing. In the investment sector he has acquired great experience and knowledge.

Considering the economic situation of the people in the time of Corona, he established a company named Tulsi Aaradhya Holiday Resort LLP in order to provide employment to the maximum number of unemployed people in India and provide excellent business opportunities to small and large investors. In a short span of time, he has provided employment to more than 500 people and has set an excellent example for the upliftment of the society by giving excellent business opportunities to more than 100 people.

Hotel Tulsi Aaradhya Resort

While opening the door to opportunities in all fields and disciplines, TULSI ARADHYA actively pursues targeted, sector-specific investment promotion agendas.